New Mother Ghost Video "La Petite Mort" is out NOW!

The new video release also means that Mother Ghost's new album, Somnambulo is available for pre-order and will release on September 10th!

Mother Ghost's new album, Somnambulo drops on 9/10/21

Order the new album now in the Store.

New Mother Ghost Album release Sept. 10th

Also, a new video will be released ahead of the album release along with a vinyl pre-sale.

Can't wait for everyone to hear it!

August 20, 2021

Such.Mindless.Control EP from <electro//limbs> is unleased on unsuspecting brains.  Stream the album on Spotify, Bandcamp, or in any of the other ways you shove music into your ears!

May 7, 2021

New single LUCA from Sunrise and Ammunition out now!