From the recording ghost note manifest

music/arrangement: aCr;
lyrics: Ti.Gerve Nom (


dark shadows hung from dead trees
breathe new life into an old disease
from the gallows hung a profits pride
his tongue severed, his hands now tied
his words burn for they opposed what he believes
limbs charred but the roots still beneath
they grew and they spread as the world turned
till they burst through the asphalt and rebuilt what was burnt

light them up, cut the city's throat
burnt by the flames, burn, burn, burnt
what was cursed, curse, curse, cursed
burn it and burn it, (and burn it)
you’ll be the spectator and I'll be the fire

fan fiction, loose diction
to be a slave or pave the way
sink fast in the city’s streets
like quick sand at your feet

she’s a pathogen
remember you won't leave it
It’ll haunt you like her ghost

take a picture, a pose with a grin
so morose, take your sin and clone it to thine kin
repeat, rinse, now ulcerate
binge eat, oh! binge eat on every word