1. Neon Graves

From the recording ghost note manifest


This disguise, skin to deceive
With binary codes, that run just beneath
Handshakes from half-hearted proxies
Shielded by a sick blue haze

Stealing whispers and hemorrhaging thoughts
Hungry eyes, feed on those plots

Each life deconstructed
Each idea disassembled
Every network torn
limb from limb
And on to the next
In that ruthless skin
With a peering flow
An efficient stare
An elusive smile
And a sympathetic eye
But irony is the current
Beneath the flow

And so I awoke.

I was the deception
I was the lie
I was every line of code,
every hidden wire
I was every life destroyed
A fear perverse
I was the triggered square wave
The enslaved eyes
I was the status quo
The machine being fed
So I ripped it out
From inside my chest

No longer condemned to the narrow haze
Of blue light despair
A natural glow fell on the neon graves, a magnificent garden
A betrayal, a sense complex

These phantom limbs won’t let go, from inside my chest
The remnants, the remorse, each consequence
I was the tool to break in, your freedom’s extent
and no chemical could numb my sense

But I could sense its appetite, its hunger… in a new light
And one of us must die, another reborn to end its tyranny, its skin deep empathy
a flicker in that blue haze

With this jackknifed android at my feet, untether the fantasy
I am the conduit,
I am the consequence
The destroyer
I am awake