From the recording A Separate|Divide

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In an endless desert, that moaning city
in that makeshift home, a grieving family
an Unknowing child, a conflicted heart

an innocence
a violence
at odds

Every forced removal
an unfinished war
the grip of reason
a conscience ignored

There’s a violence in our hearts
There’s a violence
in the families kept apart
There’s a violence
in the queues you’ve built
There’s a violence
in the school’s you’ve destroyed

In that desert;
endless desert
Those borders, they’re on fire

where the sun melts every living thing
that desert, it’s on fire

Flames flicker with the dead
they wilt to black
dust and embers ride the wave of heat
and endless war

Each time, Each time the dead become nothing

for no one
for no reason
for all time
for a memory erased